Magnificent Motion. Heart’s Passion®
The Key To Your Heart
Innovation, Design, & Movement
Designed in New York and engineered and constructed in Fleurier, Switzerland, each Paul Forrest piece of jewelry is meticulously crafted both inside and out creating a beautifully intelligent and wonderfully mesmerizing adornment.
Each pendant, features a tiny hidden mechanical marvel that magically brings to life the heartbeat in a sparkling celebration of love.
We strive for artistic excellence, sophisticated engineering, and timeless refinement.
“I think of The Wizard Of Oz, in which the Wizard tells the Tin Woodman… “Hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable” to which the Tin Woodman responds, “But I still want one.”
The Wizard gives him a watch to carry as a beating heart, and Paul Forrest Co. takes the metaphor one step further into reality.” Jack Forster, Hodinkee


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