Paul Forrest Hartzband has a long family history in design, watch manufacturing and jewelry. As a second-generation entrepreneur in the business having developed and registered many patents in the field over the course of his career , he combined his knowledge of Swiss mechanics and engineering to create a hidden mechanism tiny enough to animate jewelry for the first time ever.

Paul Forrest having been involved in the watch industry beginning in Montreal , Canada had spent many years exhibiting at what used to be the largest Jewelry and Watch show in the world located in Switzerland named Basel World . Paul always found it interesting that the jewelry and the watch show was literally separated by a walking bridge . After all ,both watches and jewelry are featured at most of the retail jewelers in the world . The concept of combining jewelry with Swiss craftsmanship came about there on that bridge. How cool would it be to somehow combine the two!

We Strive For Artistic Excellence, Sophisticated Engineering, And Timeless Refinement “I Wanted To Bring Jewelry To Life,” Says Paul Forrest, “Give Jewelry A Soul, To Give It A Pulse And Heart.”

Paul Forrest Co is a fine jewelry brand focused on design, innovation, and quality. Paul Forrest is headquartered in New York with manufacture in Fleurier and Genthod Switzerland . Our patented limited unique niche brand has fused and created a bridge between fine 18k jewelry and a hundred years of Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship. Our jewels stand out with our driven motion and style. We use the finest materials and techniques to craft our signature jewelry. Our premier collection aptly named Heart’s Passion® has unique style with innovative driven magnificent motion achieving our brand’s goal of creating stunning jewelry with “life” unlike anything ever seen before. At the center of our first collection is a hidden , except on skeletal models , a tiny 42 jeweled mechanical marvel that magically brings to life a sparkling celebration of love.

Unique, distinctive, and magical , this rare one-of-a-kind masterpiece magically breathes life with an 8- hour power reserve into a poetic “heartbeat” of diamonds and rubies evoking a sense of wonder and magic engaging the senses. Much like a music box or watch this captivating creation is wound and brought to life by the “key to your heart”, which doubles as the clasp for the chain.

Hearts Passion®, which is perhaps the most romantic jewel , not only appeal to women who appreciate the beautiful, elegant jewelry as well as the sophisticated inner life , but also to their loved ones who may appreciate high end Swiss complication which magically drives a “heartbeat” of diamonds or rubies.

Heart’s Passion is an experiential jewel. It’s a love story!

The idea of unveiling something never accomplished in the jewelry world was the ultimate challenge for Paul Forrest, who embarked on a quest to be the vanguard of the future in jewelry. It took years to design , patent and then build this unique jewel as nothing like it ever existed before.

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