“I think of The Wizard Of Oz, in which the Wizard tells the Tin Woodman, “Hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable,” to which the Tin Woodman responds, “But I still want one.” The Wizard gives him a watch to carry as a beating heart, and Paul Forrest Co. takes the metaphor one step further into reality.”

-Jack Forster, Hodinkee

“The days of decorative clockwork-powered automata may be long behind us, but Paul’s new creations deliver a charming take on the ancient art that is executed at an extremely high level. Regardless of whether the intended recipient has any interest in horology, these living jewels will no doubt be well received. ”

-Justin Mastine, Robb Report

“Much of jewelry is about diamonds and other stones sparkling. By creating a heart of stones that is always in motion, it is always sparkling.”

-Paul Forrest Hartzband in an interview with Gary Girdvainis, IW Middle East

“A watch is a machine with a heartbeat. Why not give jewelry a heartbeat?”

--Paul Forrest Hartzband in an interview with Keith W. Strandberg, Revolution USA

“This Magnificent Motion, Heart’s Passion® jewelry collection marks the first time a jewelry company has incorporated a high-tech watch movement into its design. What thrills me most about this collection is that men and women can admire it. Granted, this first heart series is made for women, but what a cool way for a man who loves watches to tell the woman in his life he loves her. “

-Roberta Naas, A Timely Perspective

“I saw a heart beating: a golden heart truly beating . . . seemingly pulsing to a human rhythm. The effect was astonishing.”

-Elizabeth Doer, Quill & Pad

“Paul Forrest refers to the one-way ratcheting winding system as the key to your heart.”

-–International Watch

“Paul Forrest Co. offers women an exclusive and original piece of jewelry whose soul can also appeal to men.””


“Here’s a first for the jewels world: living jewelry pieces!”

-–Swiss Air Magazine

“As a piece of jewelry, the Heart’s Passion® pendant is a fresh, romantic take on making animated wearable art, and the fact that behind the artistry there’s some high-grade watchmaking and engineering is pretty terrific.”


“There is a new breed of jewelry making its way to the market that offers brains and beauty.”

-Roberta Naas, -Forbes

“As a piece of jewelry, the Heart’s Passion pendant is truly like no other, bridging the gap seamlessly between watchmaking, engineering and wearable art.”

--Sarah Young, The Independent

“The Heart’s Passion® collection marks the first time a brand had incorporated an actual watch movement with jewelry. Like a music box or old-world watch, each Paul Forrest pendant is wound by a tiny key. The patented “Magnificent Motion” complication enables Paul Forrest to create stunning jewelry unlike anything else on the market.”

-A Timely Perspective

“A necklace with a moving complication with a winding key, built entirely in Fleurier, Switzerland”

-Revolution Swiss

“Paul Forrest Co is a brand that does not cut any corners using only the finest materials and completely Swiss craftsmanship.”

-The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine